About Alacrity Energy

Founded in 2006, we are an experienced, independent turn-key facilitator of alternative energy. We have experienced unprecedented growth, with solar energy installations since 2015 reaching nearly $20,000,000. At Alacrity, we help our clients capitalize on cutting edge technological advances and regulatory environment to substantially benefit their bottom line and increase equity. Our goal is to save our clients the time, energy and cost of solar installation projects. We manage the entire solar installation process – including availing our clients of expert analysis, cutting edge green technology options, financing options, and optimized ROI.
Our clients are owners and operators of commercial properties, apartment complexes, retail shopping malls, mobile home parks, private schools and non-profit community centers who are interested in reducing their energy expenses through installation of solar power generation while benefitting from tax credits and other government incentives. Alacrity Energy enables non-profit entities to capitalize on tax incentives through 3rd party (PPA) agreements.

• Capitalize on the 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC).
• Several utilities have limited rebate funds that are rapidly depleting.
• Maximize the full benefits of current Net Energy Metering laws.
• Utility rates are on the perpetual rise. The sooner solar panels are installed, the sooner you begin to save.


Client satisfaction has always been our main focus. – YITZY GEISINSKY, ALACRITY PRESIDENT
Creative Energy Solutions – Production and storage
Creative Financing options – Funding up to 100%
End to end oversight – Concept to completion
Maximize financial benefits – Tax credits / rebates / analysis
Specializing in real estate portfolios
Quality / cost control